Charlie’s Redheaded Angel – Thou shalt not drive on a suspended license

by Shannon Rubsamen on April 23, 2010

So my saga continues…..

After we picked up the EPO and tried calling the guy we didn’t even get out of the parking lot before getting a call about an accident right next door to the station in the Harris Teeter parking lot.  A very nice elderly woman had apparently blacked out while pulling in and drove off into the grass clipping a light pole in the process and flattening a Verizon box.

The whole front end of her car had been ripped off and the car ultimately came to a stop partially back on the pavement.  Her front driver’s side tire was shredded to the point that the rim was touching the ground you could see see her washer fluid.  Crazy!

When we pulled up, she didn’t appear hurt and more importantly I don’t think she was sure that she had even been in an accident.  When questioned if she had any medical issues, she said no and asked if she could drive away when we were done.  Not so much.

As it turned out, she was driving on a suspended license.  The fire department discovered during more detailed questioning that she was taking medication for Epilepsy.  When we asked if she was aware of the status of her license she said yes but that her doctor was supposed to contact DMV because her meds were working.  I’d rethink that one……

Fortunately, she eventually allowed the EMTs to take her over to Sentara to get checked out.

After an accident occurs, the officers can’t just leave the car.  Someone must wait for the tow truck to remove it from the property so we were rescued from boredom by a VA Beach Community Service Officer.

Not only did he say he would stay with the car for us, but when the tow arrived a few minutes later,  he offered to take the tow truck driver’s business card to the lady in the hospital.  How nice was that?  See!  There is some good left in this world!

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